Botlabs Logo

New Logo for Botlabs

Botlab’s brand look will be redesigned this year during the spring. The new look will first be seen in the company logo and customer project tender documents. Later the future marketing campaigns and the renewal of the web pages will give the company a dynamic new look that perfectly reflects the company’s core business – software robotics.

The new slogan made by Botlabs Oy also became clearer in the process of creating the logo. The company’s slogan is “Humanize your Workflow”. We would like to emphasize here that software bots can never fully replace the work of people, because for a long time, people’s skills will be needed for decisions and communication tasks. The slogan also reflects how we can humanize human work by automating heavy and monotonous repetitive tasks with robots. “We want to increase the use of software robotics and enable companies to become more competitive and improve people’s job satisfaction,” says CEO Timo Haataja.

In the logo, a small robotic robot is chipping out ready to help, and in slogan we bring together what the software robotics mean to us. We want to humanize people’s work by moving difficult and tedious jobs to robots, so people get the time to do the things that people have at their best, that is, making decisions and communicating.

Free software bot!

Although the reform of our website has not yet begun, the new logo still inspired us to make one software robot implementation free!

Visit and leave your contact information through the contact form. At the top of the message, write “Software Robot Lottery” and a few words describing what kind of routine recurring click would be a good automation target.

The draw is made during March, 2019 and the winner will be notified personally.