Botlabs provides your company with modern software robotics and digitalization services.

The logo creation process also revealed Botlabs Oy’s new promise. The company slogan was “Humanize Workflow”. In this way, we want to emphasize that software robots can never completely replace human work, because human skills are very long needed in decision-making and communication.

The sentence also reflects how we can humanize human work by automating heavy and monotonous repetitive tasks with robots. “We want to increase the use of software robotics and enable companies to improve their competitiveness and people’s job satisfaction,” says CEO Timo Haataja.

In the logo, a rogue little robot is ready to help, and in slogan, we summarize what software robotics is all about.

We want to humanize people’s work by outsourcing difficult and tedious tasks to robots, giving people time to do what they do best, which is to make decisions and communicate.


The estimated net sales of Botlabs Ltd in 2018 are approximately 350,000 euros. We are a good partner for any software project.